A Cambodian Farmer Harvests Flies to Feed Animals

AKP Phnom Penh, October 08, 2020 —

A Cambodian man is making a history for the country by harvesting the so-called black soldier flies as food for his animal farm.

The black soldier flies can transform organic or kitchen waste into protein for both humans and animals, the fly harvester Mr. Sao Sensamnang told AKP.

“I raise the flies for their larva to feed my animals, but I have not yet harvested them for human’s food, providing calcium to build our bones and make them healthy, and antiviral proteins,” he explained.

Mr. Sao Sensamnang, with the support from his brother, started his fly harvesting farm in 2007, following his research and exposures both within Cambodia and overseas.

“I was trying to explore alternatives that allow me to raise my fish and poultries more profitably, and the larva of the black soldier flies (BSF) stands as the best option.”

According to Mr. Sensamnang, 100 grammes of BSF eggs will provide between 100 to 200 kilogrammes of the larva.

“Harvesting the flies takes less time, is easy and does not cost much because they eat only kitchen waste, thus it is efficient and contributes to a clean environment,” he added.

The young entrepreneur encouraged farmers of fish, poultries and other animals to try with the harvesting of the black soldier files, and he is ready to share with them the knowledge and skill to do it.

(Photo: Phen Rattanak)

Article in Khmer by Heng Panha
Article in English by Lim Nary