Cambodian PM Shares Views on New Geopolitical Tensions and Impact on World

AKP Phnom Penh, September 27, 2020 —

Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, has shared his personal views on new geopolitical tensions and their impact on the world.

“The longest period of stability and prosperity in modern times, a fruit born out of the international order built in 1945, is being deeply shaken because the fundamental values underlying it as well as the core principles of international law are being flouted and no longer respected,” said the Cambodian Premier in his statement for the virtual General Debate: 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 26.

Moreover, he continued, the trend of unilateralism and the exertion of force against weak countries is on the rise, undermining international order and multilateralism.

“Truly, nowadays we note the degradation of the international arms control system and a significant increase in nuclear risks. Also, there has been an alarming shift in doctrinal military and political policies towards the idea of waging war as a mean to maintain one’s own supremacy, which is an unacceptable act. For instance, global commitments made are unilaterally reneged; violent blows are levelled against international institutions; and the voices of reason are stifled by the arbitrary practice of unilateral sanctions and other coercive political, economic and financial measures, all because of the strongest country uphold their interests above everything else,” Samdech Techo Hun Sen underlined.

Furthermore, there is an abusive use of the right of interference, which has taken on such a proportion that it undermines one of the fundamental principles of our UN Charter: the right of peoples to self-determination and the national sovereignty, he added.

“The damages on the current international order are causes for great concern. In addition, the possibility of a so-called New Cold War has also become a significant concern because this small country, once caught in the midst of the Cold War conflict, ideological rift and nationalist fanatism, paid a very high price. Thus, we must outright reject any attempt to allow tragic history to repeat itself,” he said.

Samdech Techo Prime Minister stressed that it is up to the most powerful country to stop threatening world peace and the survival of the planet as much as it is up to the super and middle powers to work together to ensure a new world order based on the respect of the sovereignty of others and their peaceful coexistence.

By C. Nika