Cambodia produces more than 80,000 tons of salt

RNK, August, 13th, 2020-

The salt production of the Kampot-Kep salt producer community for 2020 get more yields than in previous years due to favorable weather, in 2020, Cambodia produced more than 80,000 tons of salt.

Mr. Bun Baraing, President of Kampot-Kep Salt Producers Community, said on August 9th, 2020, the salt production of Kampot and Kep Salt Producers Communities reached 83,000 tons due to the long production period.

In 2019, we produced just over 3,000 tons, but this year we produced more because of the favorable weather, ” he said.

He continued to say that the price of salt per 50 kg bag costs from 12,000 to 13,000 riel, depending on the type of salt, according to the community leader, the total salt production area is 45,000 hectares.

By Mr Pheara!