Weather Forecast: More Rain Expected This Week

AKP Phnom Penh, August 11, 2020 —

Cambodian Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has forecasted that more rain, from low to heavy, will come across the country from Aug. 12 to 18.

Such weather conditions are caused by low pressure and the influence of tropical storm Jangmi which is currently near the Korean peninsula and will move toward the north, and tropical storm Mekkhala storm which has been moving to China’s Nanjing province, said the ministry in an announcement issued this morning.

The ministry thus appealed to people to keep their vigilance of possible phenomena such as thunder, lightning, and gusts.

During this period, it pointed out, the temperature would vary between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius for the central lowland areas, from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius for the mountainous areas in the north and northeast, and between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius in the coastal areas.

(Photo: Phen Rattanak)

By Phal Sophanith