Doeum Chheu Cham Sne” and “Sela Cham Sne”, a New Tourist Attraction in Sihanoukville

AKP Preah Sihanouk, July 17, 2020 —

“Doeum Chheu Cham Sne” and “Sela Cham Sne”, which literally mean “Waiting for Love Tree” and “Waiting for Love Rock”, respectively are becoming the new popular tourism hotspot in Sihanoukville of Preah Sihanouk province.

“Doeum Chheu Cham Sne”, a kind of Banyan tree with smaller leaves known by local people as Chrey Trang (Ficus benghalensis), and “Sela Cham Sne” are located in the middle of a newly-build concrete road at the area of Yeay Mao beach.

Photo: Kok Ky & Chhun Marady