Unique Stone Inscribed in Sanskrit Discovered at a Siem Reap’s Temple

AKP Phnom Penh, June 26, 2020 —

A stone inscribed in Sanskrit language has been found at Tonle Snguot Temple in Siem Reap province, according to the Apsara Authority.

The discovery was shared recently by Mr. Im Sokrithy, Archaeologist and Director of Temple Conservation Department in Angkor Park and Preventive Archaeology.

The Sanskrit inscription was noted by experts of the authority when removing stones to renovate Tonle Snguot Temple, he said.

An initial analysis, he added, indicates that the Sanskrit inscription was made in the late 11th century and early 12th century.

The inscribed stone does not belong to the Tonle Snguot Temple because it aged before the construction of the temple, and seemingly it was taken from a different area to the temple.

The authority is now waiting for the experts in Sanskrit language to translate it, and considered it as new evidence to better understand Cambodia’s history.

By Lim Nary