Lok Chumteav Khieu Tep Rainsy Kanharith Offers Vossa Candles and Distributes Relief to Needy Families

AKP Kampong Cham, June 19, 2020—

Lok Chumteav Khieu Tep Rainsy Kanharith (Pic. 1), Honorary President of Cambodian Women for Peace and Development Association at the Ministry of Information, lights Tean Vossa (Vossa candle) while she and her colleagues were offering Tean Vossa and other offerings to three pagodas and distributes relief to over 400 needy families in Pong-ro and Mohaleap communes of Koh Sotin district, Kampong Cham province this morning.

Photo: Khun Phirum & Seng Sovannary