Globally Unique Gecko Found at Cambodia’s Chi Mountain

AKP Phnom Penh, May 08, 2020 —

Wildlife researchers have spotted globally unique reptile species at Cambodia’s Chi mountain in Prey Lang forest of the central province of Kampong Thom.

The great news was shared by a leading organisation in wildlife conservation and endangered species Wildlife Alliance, whose research team has tracked and identified the animal.

The matching of the reptile species of gecko family has been done by an expert team in the U.S. who confirmed that there is no such animal recorded so far across the world, according to the Wildlife Alliance.

The organisation’s research team including a Cambodian specialist Mr. Neang Thy spent five days, especially during night time, to track the animal dubbed in Khmer Tok Ke Choeung Kong Phnom Chi – literally meaning bow-legged gecko of Chi mountain.

As shared by Mr. Neang Thy, even the locals had never seen this type of gecko, as it is mostly active at night.

(Photo: Wildlife Alliance)

Article in Khmer by Noy Noeun
Article in English by Lim Nary