Health Ministry Marks the 10th Anniversary of Hand hygiene in Cambodia

RNK Phnom Penh, May, 7th,2020-

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday issued a health education message on the 10th Hands hygiene Day in Cambodia under the theme “Hand hygiene is the lifesaving” which is celebrated annually.

Hands hygiene is an event that countries across the world have to adhere to in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, for prevention of infections, especially to improve people’s health, both in the country and the world.

The Ministry of Health Mam Bunheng said that the practice of hand hygiene is not only for the general population but a working group with the following statements: -Nurse-Clean and Safe Care Starts from You

– Midwife: Your hand makes all the difference for a mother and baby

– Policy makers: Increase the level of staff and nurses’ awareness to prevent infections and improve the quality of care.

– Disease Prevention and Control Leaders: Empower nurses and midwife to provide clean care.

-Patient and family: Safe care for you and starting from you.

As of Thursday morning, there have been no new cases of COVID-19 infection, the Kingdom has recorded in total 122 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 120 recovered in total, according to the Ministry of Health’s news release.

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