The management of the wastewater system is one of the most important tasks

RNK Phnom Penh, April, 29th, 2020-

Senior Minister Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport, said that the wastewater management plan is one of the largest and most important tasks that must be implemented effectively to maintain the beauty, welfare and economic growth of the country.

Minister Sun Chanthol made this statement on Monday 27 April 2020 at the Ministry‘s office where he led a working group discussion on the projects of the General Department of Wastewater System.

The meeting is aimed at reviewing current and future projects and effectively restructuring the management and implementation​ to ensure the implementation of projects related to the management of wastewater systems in Cambodia operate smoothly and efficiently.

The Senior Minister said that the Ministry currently has several projects with the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank to accelerate the implementation of the Ministry’s action plan and the National Development Plan to achieve the beauty of the city (green city) and its attractiveness.

H.E Sun Chanthol said that the master plan for wastewater management in Sihanoukville has already been prepared, and all the three of the existing sewerage pumping stations, which have already been studied, including the rehabilitation of the canals, are urgently needed for construction and restoration. H.E Sun Chanthol also thanked officials of the General

Department for their whole-souled efforts to further develop and improve this sector. He also urged the management and professional officers of the

new General Department to meet more frequently to study new techniques, relevant legal standards, to organize the management team, to carry out the work of the team directly and successfully to maintain aesthetics, well-being and sustainable development.


By Faninn!