Health Minister receives two short educational videos on Prevention of COVID-19 infection

RNK Phnom Penh, April, 29th, 2020-

The Minister of Health, H.E Mam Bunheng on Tuesday received two short educational videos on Prevention of COVID-19 infection, The educational videos feature how to wash hands with alcohol on public transportation, and 50,000 masks and 5,000 bottles of alcohol from Pernod Ricard Cambodge . On the occasion, Minister Mam Bunheng

thanked Pernod Ricard Cambodge Group for the support of the equipment and the video that played an important role in preventing of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This humanitarian assistance will not only contribute to strengthening the emergency response

capacity but will be used when future outbreaks of other disease.

For his part, Mr. Mark Rosales, CEO of Pernod Ricard Company, a member of the Pernod Ricard Group, expressed his support for efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia to increase public awareness in prevention the spread of the CIVID-19 infection in the Kingdom.

As of Wednesday morning, there have been no new cases of COVID-19 infection, the Kingdom has recorded in total 122 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 119 recovered in total, according to the Ministry of Health’s news release.

By Mr Pheara!