Children Invited to Join UNESCO Artwork Exhibition

AKP Phnom Penh, April 16, 2020 —

Cambodian children are encouraged to express their creativity in drawing world heritage sites for submitting to UNESCO Little Artists Exhibition.

UNESCO said in an announcement that children aged 6 to 12 are invited to draw a UNESCO World Heritage site that matters to them aiming to boost their learning, creativity, and discovery during a hard time of COVID-19 making the majority of them out of school.

The UNESCO World Heritage sites could be a World Heritage site in their own community, a memory from a recent family vacation, or a place they saw in a book, movie or TV show.

Eligible applicants are required to publish a picture and short description of an artwork inspired by a World Heritage site on participating child using #ShareOurHeritage and tagging @unesco from now until May 17 2020.

“We hope that through this initiative, children will be able to express their creativity during this difficult time and learn more about the world’s extraordinary culture heritage,” UNESCO said in the announcement.

Entries require parental or guardian consent and must be shared through their Instagram account on behalf of the participating child, underlined the announcement, adding that to be eligible, the Instagram account through which the entries are published MUST be set as ‘Public’ so that they are visible to UNESCO.

To learn more about the stories behind each World Heritage site, children may wish to explore the World Heritage List on the UNECO website.

By Chea Vannak