Public Called to Follow up COVID-19 Information on Official Websites

AKP Phnom Penh, March 04, 2020 —

The Ministry of Information has urged the public to follow up the new Coronavirus COVID-19-related information on official websites and Facebook pages of government’s concerned ministries and institutions, avoiding the fake news on contraction to COVID-19.

In a press release AKP received this morning, the ministry’s General Department of Information and Broadcasting said that there have been some social users created fake news by using photos or videos of victims of other issues to post and name those cases as contraction to COVID-19, through Facebook accounts or pages caused terrifying to the public and damaging personal dignity as well as families of victims.

Any disseminations of false information without proper verification, analysed without basis is considered as attempt to defame the Royal Government of Cambodia reputation and somehow to gain benefit, it underlined.

To find out and get the latest information on COVID-19, the public is appealed to follow up information on the official websites or Facebook pages of the Ministry of Health, or Department of Communicable Disease Control, and relevant ministries/institutions, added the press release.

The General Department of Information and Broadcasting also called for collaboration in fighting the fake news, especially related information about contracting to COVID-19 and the end to the sharing of any information from unreliable sources and without a proper verification with competent authorities.

By Chea Vannak