Cabinet Minister presides over the Annual Meeting of the Industry and Handicrafts Ministry

RNK Phnom Penh, Feb 19th 2020-

Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts on Tuesday held its Annual meeting to review the work results for 2019 and set a target for 2020 at the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts. The meeting was presided over by H.E Bin Chhin, Deputy Prime Minister, Permanent Minister and Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers.

HE Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister and Minister of Industry and Handicrafts, highlighted key achievements and the Institutional reform in line with global prosperity. The Cabinet Ministers recently approved a draft Law changing the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts to the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and innovation. The Industry and Handicrafts Minister expressed his profoundly

thanks to Samdech Techo Hun Sen for his long-term vision for the initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation to meet the needs of economic development.

The Minister also told the meeting about the progress of professional performance in the fields of industry such as the industrial and SME sector, Handicrafts, Clean Water sector, Development of standard sector, level work , management and governance.

Speaking at the Annual meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin thanked the officials at all levels of the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts and all other relevant sectors, for fulfilling their respective duties and responsibilities in contribution to further enhancing good achievement of key indicators of Government’s rectangular strategy phase IV in the sixth mandate.

By Mr Pheara