Industry and Handicrafts Ministry urges SMEs to register while too many enterprises have not done yet

RNK Phnom Penh, 8th, Jan, 2020-

Senior Minister and Minister of Industry and Handicrafts, H.E Cham Prasidh said on Monday that there are around 500,000 enterprises in Cambodia, but only about 5 percent registered with the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts.

The Minister of Industry and Handicrafts said the Royal Government of Cambodia had encouraged all unregistered enterprises and handicrafts to register properly, with the tax exemption for the first two years, Therefore, in the first few years of registration, SMEs, have opportunity to develop their enterprise which would be recognized nationally and internationally.

The Minister added that the ministry would support only registered enterprises and that many unregistered enterprises would not receive recognition for the products they produced.

The ministry has no plan to close any unregistered enterprises, but the ministry will send skill officials to educate unregistered owners to fill out the registration form in 2020, said the Minister.



By Mr Pheara!!