Economy and Finance Minister chairs a meeting to review on the draft of Strategies on Public Debt Management 2019-2023

RNK- Phnom Penh-Oct, 11th, 2019-

The Public Debt Management Committee on Wednesday organized a meeting to review the draft “Strategy for Public Debt Management 2019-2023” at the Ministry office. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, H.E Aun Poin Moniroith and attended by senior officials from the ministries, institutions, members of the Public Debt Management

Committee and the other relevant officials.

The draft “Public Debt Management Strategy 2019-2023” was prepared in accordance with the specific context of Cambodia by reflecting on the progress of the implementation of the Public Debt Management Strategy

2015-2018, the risks, challenges and opportunities for managing Cambodian public debt management and some strategic measures to respond to new of increasingly complex economic environment, in order to contribute to accelerating economic diversification and strengthening competitiveness, which is fundamental

to maintain sustainable high economic growth to realize Visions 2030 and 2050.

The Meeting appreciated the importance of the “Public Debt Management Strategy 2019-2023” and discussed in depth the content of each chapter of the draft strategy to ensure coherence and consistency with other relevant policies and strategies.

HE Aun Poin Moniroith highly appreciated the efforts of the technical team of the General Department of International Cooperation and debt Management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

By Mr Chann Pheara