Cambodia, Saudi Arabia agree to establish tourism MoU to boost direct flight route

RNK-Phnom Penh-04-Oct-2019
Tourism Minister Thong Khon on Wednesday met with Saudi Ambassador to Cambodia and Vietnam in Phnom Penh, H.E Saud F.M Suwelim, and both sides agreed with the proposal of concluding a memorandum of understanding (M0U) on tourism cooperation to promote the sector in the two countries.
H.E Thong Khon asked the Saudi Ambassador to launch direct flight route from Saudi Arabia to Cambodia, or use Cambodia as a transit gateway.
For his part, the Saudi Ambassador said that Saudi Arabia is working with Vietnamese airlines to speed up flights from Saudi Arabia to Cambodia via the international airport in Hanoi.
Minister Thong khon also wished to see the exchange of study tours by journalists and investors in the two countries so as to enhance a better understanding of each country among the two peoples.

By Mr Chann Pheara