Health Ministry Bans Circulation of Unlicensed Medicine

AKP Phnom Penh, August 01, 2019 —

Ministry of Health has officially banned the circulation, supply and use of a dietary medicine branded “NANO JAPAN CALCIUM FL/10ml” in Cambodia.

According to the public notification issued earlier today, the food supplement is destructive for health of users and has not been licensed by the health ministry.

The statement ordered all health departments across Cambodia to stop supplying the medicine, and provide proper and broad instructions to all pharmacies and private clinics.

The ministry also called for immediate investigation to identify those involved in illegal circulation of the unlicensed medicine as such in order to bring them for legal actions.

The pubic, it added, who noticed the supply and circulation of NANO JAPAN CALCIUM FL/10ml is encouraged to inform the ministry immediately.

By Mc Soleil