Cambodia Airport Welcomes More Than 4 Million Passengers

AKP Phnom Penh, June 05, 2019 —

For the first time, the airports in Cambodia have welcomed more than 4 million passengers in the first four months of the year, reflecting 12 percent growth from the same period in 2018, according to the Cambodia Airports’ press release.

Phnom Penh International Airport alone has already seen more than 2 million passengers since the start of the new year, with Siem Reap International Airport following with nearly 1.7 million passengers.

Phnom Penh International Airport continues to be the busiest of the airports, welcoming nearly 503,000 passengers in April – a 16 percent increase from the same month last year. The vast majority of those passengers were international travelers, with only about 7 percent flying domestically. The capital’s airport also experienced an increase of 4 percent in cargo, as it recorded almost 5,300 tons of cargo.

Though Siem Reap International Airport has seen a slight decrease in passenger growth in the first third of the year, reflecting a -5.5 percent change compared to 2018, in April the airport surpassed its passenger growth from the same month last year. On the whole, more than 330,000 passengers traveled through the airport this April, a 3 percent increase compared to 2018. Of the airport’s passengers this past month, nearly 45,000 – over 13 percent – flew domestically, an increase of 1 percent from April last year.

At Sihanouk International Airport, there was exponential growth again this month as the airport received nearly 124,000 passengers. Nearly a fifth of its travelers flew domestically. To date this year, the airport has welcomed more than 450,000 passengers, a 155 increase from last year.

By Khan Sophirom