Chinese Embassy Reacts to US Embassy’s Statement on Trade with Cambodia

AKP Phnom Penh, April 20, 2019​ —

The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia has just issued a statement in response to that of the US Embassy over Cambodia’s trade relationship with the two countries.

“[…] The US is trying to stir things up again with the so-called trade deficit issue. It is common sense that in a globalised world, trade goes far beyond bilateral,” said the Chinese Embassy’s statement posted on its Facebook page this evening.

In the case of Cambodia, it imports large amounts of textile raw materials and machineries from China for the garment industry, while exports final products to all over the world, US and EU included, underlined the statement, adding that in between, it is the hard work of industrious Cambodian workers.

“Besides, the state-to-state relationship is not just about trade. It is worth noting that China has built 31 highways and 8 bridges for Cambodia with the total length of highway up to more than 3,000 kilometres. What has the US done in this area? China helped to build all the hydropower stations in Cambodia (with 80% of Cambodia’s installed electricity production capacity). How about the US?” said the same source.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the US Embassy in Phnom Penh showed a diagram on Cambodia-China and Cambodia-US total trade in 2017, commenting, “China is Cambodia’s largest trade partner, but this relationship is heavily skewed in China’s favor. About 87% of trade are Chinese imports, which do not support jobs or industry in the same way Cambodia’s trade relationship with the United States or EU does. This is just one more way Cambodia has shifted from a more balanced and diverse economic approach to one more dependent on China.”

By C. Nika