Cambodia Anticipates 2,870 MW of Electricity in 2019

AKP Phnom Penh, February 04, 2019 —

This year, Cambodia expects to generate in total 2,870 megawatts of electricity, especially from hydropower dams, according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The country could generate only 2,650 megawatts last year, added the same source.

Of the total expected power generation, it pointed out, 660 megawatts are from coal-fired power stations, 271.98 megawatts from black oil machines, 163.77 megawatts from renewable energy sources, 1,329.7 megawatts from hydropower dams, and 442.50 megawatts from imported power.

Compared to figures in 2017, two main sources of energy – coal-fired power plants and renewable energy sources – are expected to increase their production this year.

Last year, Cambodia could produce only 538 megawatts from coal-fired power plants and 64.77 megawatts from renewable energy sources.

By Khan Sophirom