Royal Government To Take Action against Fake News

AKP Phnom Penh, January 18, 2019 —

The Royal Government of Cambodia will take strict measures against fake news, especially those about the “Everything But Arms” (EBA) trade preferences.

“The Royal Government of Cambodia drawn the attention to all media that have been using the inappropriate words and negative visions, making confusion to the public and unacceptable outcomes in response to the real status quo pertaining to EBA,” said the statement of the Office of the Royal Government Spokesman released yesterday evening.

“This can be considered as the act of fake news in the country,” it underlined.

The Royal Government strongly disagreed with words “The EU leaves a chance for Cambodia” as well as other words against the reality that Royal Government of Cambodia is the development partner of the European Union, through which the income of Cambodian people keep increasing, it explained, adding that those words were proposed for the purpose of incitement to the partnership between Cambodia and the EU.

According to the statement, the Royal Government has provided the clarifications for many times regarding the improvement of its dialogue with the EU on the implementation of EBA. With the strength of partnership and mutual respects, as well as the changing condition in response to the income of Cambodian people, this dialogue will be continued for one more year.

“The Royal Government of this sovereign nation would like to call upon all of the multi-stakeholders to keep their dignity and high professionalism in maintaining this dialogue and development partnership, without producing fake news leading to the confusion to the public,” it continued.

The Royal Government will take a bold move in stabilising the society, aiming to create the stability and cooperation in all aspects, as well as combating the fake news in the country, the statement concluded.

By Khan Sophirom