Taskforce Assigned for Feasibility of Opening More Border Gates

AKP Phnom Penh, January 09, 2019 —

Ministry of Interior has assigned a taskforce for feasibility study to open more border gates with neighbouring countries, according to the ministry’s resolution released yesterday.

The ministry has tasked its Secretary of State H.E. Sok Phal to lead the team whose key roles include reviewing legal procedures, consulting with relevant government bodies, organising site visit, and negotiating with the neighbouring counterparts.

The ten-member taskforce then will report the result of their work to the senior management of the Ministry of Interior for decision making.

According to the ministry’s record, Cambodia has 82 gates connecting to its neighbours – including 3 airports, 13 ports, and 66 border gates.

The opening of more border gates is seen as a measure that will contribute significantly to Cambodia’s bilateral trade and tourism with its neighbours: Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

By Mom Chandara Soleil