White-rumped Shamas Hunted for Commercial Purpose

AKP Phnom Penh, January 02, 2019 —

White-rumped Shama – a beautiful bird living in Cambodia – has been suffering from hunting for commercial purpose, according to BirdLife Cambodia’s report.

Recently, it pointed out, rangers at O’Raha outpost in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary have checked two suspected men who crossed the core zone without permission, and 28 White-rumped Shamas have been discovered.

Known as high-value birds in Vietnam and China, those White-rumped Shamas have been trapped in order to sell in Banlung city, Rattanakiri province, it added.

“The 28 birds were confiscated along with traps and bird trapped speaker. […] After confiscation, 8 birds died and 20 others were released by rangers,” said the same source.

The white-rumped shama or Copsychus malabaricus is a small beautiful bird. It is considered as a cage-bird and songster. Its voice is rich and melodious which made them popular as cage birds in South Asia with the tradition continuing in parts of Southeast Asia. It is loud and clear, with a variety of phrases, and often mimics other birds.

By Khan Sophirom