Angkor Park Welcomes Nearly 2.6 Million International Tourists in 2018

AKP Phnom Penh, January 02, 2019 —

Almost 2.6 million international visitors bought tickets to tour Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap province in 2018.

The update was shared yesterday in a press release from the state-owned institution in charge of Angkor income management called Angkor Enterprise.

The number, it added, suggested an increase of 5.45 percent comparing to that of 2017, and generated more than US$116.64 million income for the government.

Since February 2017, the Royal Government of Cambodia has deducted two U.S. dollars from each ticket sold in order to fund the country’s most visited children’s hospitals namely Kantha Bopha.

Of the earning made throughout 2018, around US$5.18 million was donated to the hospitals.

In 2017, the government generated a grant amount of nearly US$108 million from Angkor Archaeological Park entrance ticket sale.

By Mom Chandara Soleil