Most Endangered Birds Continue to Be Present in Cambodia

AKP Phnom Penh, January 02, 2018 —

Giant Ibis, vultures, and White-shouldered Ibis continue to be found in their natural habitats in Cambodia, according to BirdLife Cambodia.

A team of conservationists last year had conducted the endangered bird species monitoring and conservation programme in Siem Pang and Siem Pang Kang Lech wildlife sanctuaries biodiversity.

During the research, the team found 16 nests of Giant Ibis (12 nests hatched successfully with 17 chicks), 11 nests of Vultures (9 nests are Slender-billed Vulture and 2 nests are Red-headed Vultures).

In addition, the teams have been conducted the White-shouldered Ibis census and recorded 320 birds.

Siem Pang and Siem Pang Kang Lech wildlife sanctuaries are two wildlife sanctuaries in Cambodia, established under sub-decree dated May 9, 2016. The Western Siem Pang forest is one of the most important existing natural forest areas in the world for biodiversity conservation and especially endangered wildlife species, including White-shouldered Ibis, Giant Ibis, Red-headed Vulture, Slender-billed Vulture and White-rumped Vulture, and species such as the Endangered Eld’s deer and Gaur.

(Photo: BirdLife)

By Khan Sophirom