Cambodia’s Real Estate and Construction Sector Attracting More Foreign Investors

AKP Phnom Penh, December 20, 2018 —

Cambodia’s real estate and construction sector continues to attract foreign investments, particularly from China, according to local media report.

Some 100 Chinese investors from 50 companies recently attended a dissemination workshop at an outsourced venue here in Phnom Penh about investment in the sector in Cambodia, and expressed great interest.

As highlighted by the source, Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction licensed more than 1,600 construction projects for the first half of 2018 with an estimated investment capital of about US$ 2,153 billion – of it US$ 394 billion derives from investors of eight countries.

In 2017 alone, it added, the Royal Government of Cambodia made around US$ 92 million from the industry that employed 130,000 local workers every day with monthly wages from US$ 400 to 2,500.

With more and more interested investors, Cambodia anticipates better benefits from the sector in the current and coming years.

By Mom Chandara Soleil