Pasteur Institute in Cambodia’s Medical Laboratory Wins ISO15189

AKP Phnom Penh, December 14, 2018 —

Pasteur Institute in Cambodia (PIC) announced yesterday that its medical laboratory won ISO15189 accreditation, according to PIC’s press release.

“Our Institute is very proud to announce that our Medical Laboratory has been awarded ISO15189 accreditation. From now, our Medical Laboratory is the sole holder in Cambodia of this very demanding accreditation. We have reached this high level of quality thanks to the involvement and hard work of all our team during 5 years”, it added.

With an international staff of 220 people, PIC is a research and public utility Institute under the patronage of the Cambodian Ministry of Health. It belongs to the International Network of Pasteur Institutes with whom it develops ongoing collaborations.

The activities of the PIC are oriented towards biomedical research and surveillance of infectious diseases, in partnership with institutes and national centers for infectious diseases and hospitals. Research developed at the PIC are based on the diagnosis, biological characterization and molecular epidemiology of viruses (influenza, dengue, HIV …), bacteria (tuberculosis, salmonella, legionella, leptospirosis …) and malaria with particular emphasis on the identification and study of the mechanisms of resistance of these microorganisms to treatment.

PIC, in cooperation with universities and vocational schools in Cambodia, promotes knowledge on infectious diseases for the benefit of public health through education and training in universities and for continuing education.

PIC provides a platform for comprehensive medical and biological analyses which is unique in Cambodia. This platform is subject to a quality assurance process, equipped with modern equipment, highly qualified staff and provides service delivery in biology, blood biochemistry and microbiology. PIC also provides services for the control of food hygiene and the chemical and microbiological analysis of water.

PIC offers the only international vaccination center in Cambodia. The rabies National Reference Centre is located at the virology laboratory of the Institute.

By Khan Sophirom