Cambodia Has Three Major Religions

AKP Phnom Penh, December 06, 2018 —

The Kingdom of Cambodia has been known as a country with religious harmony with three main religious groups, according to H.E. Him Chhem, Minister of Cults and Religious Affairs.

Speaking at the 7th Workshop on Interfaith Dialogue for Religious Harmony in Cambodia held here this morning under the presidency of Acting Prime Minister Samdech Kralahom Sar Kheng under the theme of drug-free and traffic law respect among religious followers, H.E. Him Chhem said Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are the prominent religions in the country.

Currently, he pointed out, there are in total 4,466 pagodas with 56,301 Buddhist monks, some 482,863 Muslims, and more than 89,000 Christians throughout the country.

For religious schools, the country has 549 primary Buddhist schools with 11,215 students, 24 Buddhist lower secondary schools with 3,863 students, 12 Buddhist high schools with 1,824 students, and 2 Buddhist universities with some 1,400 students.

At the same time, for Islam, there are 335 mosques and 177 religious schools, while for Christianity, there are 43 Catholic churches and 30 religious schools, and 479 Protestant churches and 295 religious schools.

By Khan Sophirom