Korea-Backed Media Fellowship Kicked Off

AKP Phnom Penh, October 09, 2019 —

A media fellowship – called Kwanhun-KPF Press Fellowship 2019, was kicked off at Korea Press Centre, Seoul, the Republic of Korea recently in the presence of foreign journalists, including those from Cambodia.

Co-organised by the Kwanhun Journalists Club and the Korea Press Foundation, this year’s four-week long fellowship falls from Oct. 7 to 31.

In 2019, the eighth year of programme, Kwanhun-KPF Press Fellowship has invited journalist from six ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam), India, and Mongolia.

Themed Establishing Partnership with Global Community, the event allows participating journalists to join education programme including lectures by prominent experts, engage in intensive dialogue with renowned leaders from private and public sectors, and participate in internship in Korea media, KPF Journalism Conference and study tour.

Through the programme, the participants will experience political, economic, social and cultural development of Korea.

Mr. Byung Wook Kim, Chairman of Korea Foundation, said in a welcome remark during the opening ceremony that the fellowship will enable the participants to have in in-depth discussion about the surface and essence of the changes in the media environment and pros and cons of Korea media.

“I hope that you will learn a lot about Korea journalism, democracy, and the media issues amidst digital era,” Mr. Byung Wook Kim, adding that he hoped that it will be also the foundation of deeper understanding and contribution of the democracy and the development of the press and the journalism in the countries of participating journalists.

President of Kwanhun Journalist Club Mr. Moon Shin Bang said that the participants will get a chance to seek new answers about media mission and media self-survival through the sharing and discussing in lectures featured in the programme.

“With new technology, people get news faster and easier. The constantly changing media environment demands new solutions about changes and the information of the media. You are the in the frontline pinpointing the changes and helping to find the solutions,” Mr. Moon Shin Bang added.

Since 2012, when the first Kwanhun-KPF Press Fellowship was launched, nearly 90 foreign journalists have been invited to visit Korea and join the Fellowship.

By Chea Vannak