Tourism ministers urge the Kampot administration to study the master plan and map for the development of tourist sites

RNK,Phnom Penh, Oct, 22nd , 2019-

Tourism Minister H.E Thong Khon expressed his confidence that the tourist sites, as well as the natural resorts of Kampot Stream or Kompong Bay, would be a major new magnet for attracting visitors to visit Kampot Province to add up to the existing touristic sites like Bokor Mountain.
He also urged the Kampot authorities to form a tourism development plan in the Kampot stream so as to keep up to date with the increasing of the tourists in the province.
HE Thong Khon and H.E Chev Tai Kampot’s governor presided over a preparatory meeting for the 8th Sea Festival in Kampot Provincial Hall last Sunday.

The Minister of Tourism added that the media needs to help promote these sites in order to familiarize the public about the new tourism destinations in Kampot.
By Ms In Faninn