The Press of International and Local Media (China) Holds Talks with His Excellency Tauch Sarath to Discuss about the Cooperation Opportunities to Advance Cambodia-China Cultural and Economic Growth

February 7, 2019

National Radio FM 96 MHz

In the morning of February 7, 2019, the Chinese press met with His Excellency Tauch Sareth, Delegate of the Royal Government of National Radio FM 96 MHz to discuss cooperation between the two sides. The dissemination of information sector in both countries to enhance the economic development of Cambodia and China.

Yan Wei, Chief of China and Foreign News Agencies said that “Media is an important driving force for development.

She says that the role of information is widespread. It is not only to provides information to the people, but also attracts foreign investors as well as all the countries to understand the culture, traditions, and local people’s interest as a factor boosting the number of foreign investors.

“This radio station is a national radio station, serving citizens, providing services to the country, information that is useful to the country, and informing it,” said His Excellency Tauch Sareth, the government delegation responsible for managing FM 96 MHz national radio stations across the country. “Trust and be trusted to listeners. ”

He added that the project, proposed by President Xi Jinping, “a one-way street” has strengthened cooperation with Cambodia, especially contributing to Cambodia development. This meeting is a great step in co-operating for both countries.

He thanked China for supporting Cambodia in all fields, especially the information sector, which is a good way to further deepen the two countries’ relations in the Information Sector. Wide public outreach to our listeners, with a faster and more accurate information.