The Commerce Minister urges United Arab Emirates to invest in four key areas to accelerate Cambodia’s economic growth

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November 29, 2018

The four main sectors, including agriculture, tourism, industry and infrastructure, were invited by the Minister of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pan Sorasak, urging the UAE to invest in Cambodia to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty in accordance with the Royal Government’s Rectangular Strategy Phase 4.

The Minister proposed this in bilateral talks with Her Excellency REEM Al Hashimy, Minister of International Cooperation and President of the UAE International Exhibition 2020, on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 to strengthen Economic and trade relations.

During that occasion, His Excellency Pan Sorasak informed Her Excellency REEM Al Hashimy about the progress of Cambodia’s economic growth, the vision of the Royal Government, Rectangular Strategy Phase 4, Investment Protection Policies, and incentive policies the Royal Government provided to foreign investors for doing business in Cambodia.

His Excellency Minister, invited the United Arab Emirates to participate in the International Exhibition of Cambodian Products and Import-Export Products, scheduled to be held in December 2019, to find partners and promote the Dubai World Fair 2020 to Cambodian and the people of ASEAN.

In response, Her Excellency Minister REEM Al Hashimy thanked to His Excellency Pan Sorasak for sharing good information regarding investment opportunities in Cambodia and pledged to promote the private sector of the United Arab Emirates to study the feasibility of investing in Cambodia as well as joining the exhibition organized by the Ministry of Commerce.

In addition, Her Excellency REEM Al Hashimy has expressed her intention to visit Cambodia in the near future to gain a better understanding of the potential of Cambodia’s rich tourism and culture to strengthen diplomatic and cooperative relations between the two countries.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Facebook Page