His Excellency Pan Sorasak: The implementation of social security, risk, employment and health care for the public sector is a new success of the Royal Government of Cambodia

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November 22, 2018

Minister of Commerce, His Excellency Pan Sorasak attributed the implementation of the Social Security, Occupational Hazards and Healthcare Sector to the Public Sector, a new achievement of the Royal Government of Cambodia to enhance the quality of public officials, ex-civil servants and veterans to exit risk when experiencing health problems or nausea Eventually.

His Excellency Minister had mentioned that at the occasion of the occasion of the presidency in the dissemination of policies on the implementation of social security system and to give National Social Security Fund (NSSF) card to government officials and contractors total amount 1,538 people at the Ministry of Commerce’s office on Tuesday, November 20, 2018.

During that occasion, His Excellency Pan Sorasak informed the delegates of the Brief history and mission of the CEC established by Sub-decree 2007 and officially launched in late 2008 to provide social security services. Effectively, transparently and accountable to individuals under the provisions of the Labor Law.

The Minister added that on this basis, the Royal Government of Cambodia entrusted the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training with the task of organizing and launching social security and occupational health and safety measures for public officials, former officials and veterans. In 2017, further to ensure consistent social protection The public sector and the private sector.

“Social security policies that have contributed significantly to poverty reduction through the sharing of longitude and longitude income means that high-income people are helping low-income, healthier people to benefit. Diseases of people with disabilities or those at risk, such as young people, help the elderly, which gives people a sense of warmth in their lives. Stability and harmony in the society as a whole, His Excellency Pan Sorasak underlined.

To promote social welfare and sustainability to ensure income security and contribute to poverty reduction, the NSSF focuses on the following five factors:

1. Respond appropriately to the practical needs of retired civil servants and veterans.

2. Prevent job risks and provide public health care and retirement services.

3. Ensure the appropriateness of the obligation to participate and the benefits obtained.

4. Strengthen the social and financial sustainability of retired civil servants and veterans.

5. Enhancing harmonization by helping one another by equality and solidarity.

Source: Ministry of Commerce Facebook Page