Ministry of Health’s Video to Discourage Alcohol Consumption among Youths

AKP Phnom Penh, October 11, 2018 —

While Cambodia is observing one of the country’s biggest festivals and family reunion occasions, Ministry of Health has circulated an educational video clip on its Facebook page to discourage youth not to drink alcohol.

With a final message ‘Youth Must Not Drink Alcohol’, the one-minute clip informs key negative implications of alcohol consumption among youths.

“Alcohol weakens youth’s decision-making ability and self-control, and hinders brain development among them leading to poor memory and low school performance,” explains the video.

One may start with little bit to more and more of it until the point of addiction, which is not easy and time-taking to correct.

With the utilisation of Facebook – the most popular social media platform in Cambodia – as means to reach out to youth, it is expected that the clip will contribute to discourage youth to start having alcohol.

The clip was produced by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the National Centre for Health Promotion and World Health Organisation.

By Mom Chandara Soleil