Cambodian Experts to Learn About Wild Animal Tracking in India

AKP Phnom Penh, September 19, 2018 —

Cambodian wild life experts will travel to India to learn about the installation of GPS (geographical positioning system) tracker with elephants, according to local media report.

Expected to last for ten days, the trip will allow the Cambodian wild life experts to use the trackers with elephants in order to locate wild animals in Cambodia for conservation purpose.

As quoted from the source, Mr. Khun Diyon, President of Cambodia Elephant Rescue Organisation (CESO) in Mondulkiri province, underlined that the tracking technique and device can also inform about the health condition of the animals captured by it.

The experts, ten in total, are from wild life conservation agencies such as competent unit of the Ministry of Environment, CESO, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Wildlife Sanctuary Cambodia (WSC).

DNA examination indicates that more than 200 wild elephants are living in the country’s Phnom Prich sanctuary of Mondulkiri province alone.

By Lim Nary