Over 66 Percent of High School Students Pass Their Exams

AKP Phnom Penh, September 09, 2018 —

Some 66.21 percent or 75,059 of the total 113,365 high school students who were present during the exam sessions, obtained their baccalaureate, according to a press release of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports released this morning.

Among these successful students, 290 got grade A; 1,532 grade B; 4,631 grade C; 13,999 grade D; and 54,607 grade E, said the press release, pointing out that most of the grade A students (135) are from Phnom Penh capital, followed by Siem Reap province (21) and Kandal province (16).

The official results will be announced this afternoon for Phnom Penh’s and Kandal province’s examination centres, and tomorrow for those in other provinces.

This year’s exams took place on Aug. 20-21 in 196 centres across the country.

Last year, a total of 63,668 out of 99,728 high school students who sit for the exam sessions, or 63.84 percent, got their baccalaureate. Among those successful students, 424 got grade A; 2,464 grade B; 5,000 grade C; 9,123 grade D; and 46,657 grade E.

By C. Nika