AKP Phnom Penh, September 03, 2018 —

August 2018 has ended. But have we safely crossed the Mekong? In spite of prescribed medications, exercise, change of environment, breathing techniques, meditation, the use of herbal medicine and the chanting of traditional healers, the panic attacks continue to attack me.

But I have lived a meaningful life with the Cambodians. In spite of it all, I cherish these people and I have committed myself to remain relevant to their life and to learn as much as I can the progress these Cambodians are now making to shape for themselves a new life under the sun.

In a series of field trips and study organised by friends in the country, I’m studying the political structures and economic infrastructures the Cambodians are building, either with outside support or by themselves with private investment.

The social network is of significant importance to me. In my younger age, I too was well-versed in Voltaire, Rousseau or Robespierre like any Parisian old intellectual. I chanted democracy slogans in the streets, I quoted great authors in my casual conversation, and I wanted to change the world.

However, I am getting old. I have stopped screaming. I am happy now to have observed that, after a period of nerve-cracking social unrest in the past few years, in a scary image of a colored revolution, the illusion of a regime change has been brought under control. Calm and stability have returned and allowed the people to move on with confidence.

The 29 July election of a new government has given a new incentive to the Cambodian people. In the image of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon, the Cambodians under HUN SEN are crossing the Mekong at the Four-Faced River. It would be difficult to imagine a turning back. Pressure from Western powers, echoing desperately the voice of the opposition, are weak, biased and deem to fail.

Likewise, with the help from the Lord above, I will continue to live a life and to remain relevant to the life of the Cambodians.

By Chhang Song

3 September 2018