Ruling Party Fully Supports Election Official Results

AKP Phnom Penh, August 15, 2018 —

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has issued a declaration welcoming the official results of the 6th general elections on July 29, 2018 released by the National Election Committee (NEC) this evening.

“The 6th legislative term of the National Assembly elections on July 29, 2018 held regularly and according to the Constitution and laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia in a free and just manner. In the environment of neutrality, transparency, peace, and non-violence, 83,02 percent of registered voters have fulfilled their rights stipulated in the Constitution and voted in great number in every voting stations in the whole country in joy, dignity, and responsibility as owners of their countries to choose the party and dignitaries they trusted to continue to lead the country for the next five years. The victory has been a great historic achievement for our nation in determining steps forwards on the path of peace and development, while reflecting clearly that liberal pluralism in Cambodia has been safeguarded, and deep-rooted in the supreme interest of the Cambodian nation and people.


CPP solemnly declares accepting official results of the sixth legislative term National Assembly elections organised by the Cambodian National Elections declared on Aug. 15, 2018. The elections results clearly reflect the will and sacred aspiration of the Cambodian people in joining together to safeguard national achievements, to promote further socio-economic development, and to improve their living conditions. Along with this, the elections results have thwarted perfidious attempts of illegal opposition groups and ill-willed circles abroad to twist the truth to destabilise and to destroy democratic process in Cambodia,” it added.

CPP expressed its profound respect and gratefulness to compatriots in the whole country – farmers, workers, employees, businessmen, traders, investors, civil servants, armed forces, ethnic people, students, intellectuals, and youth for overwhelmingly voting in support of CPP to ensure its brilliant victory. It has clearly showed that the Cambodian people have firm confidence in the leadership of the CPP, the only party that is sharing good and bad times together with people in every circumstances over the past nearly forty years. The Party has realized great historic achievements for our nation, and proven to be capable in leading the country to secure further successes.

CPP highly evaluated professional and effective leadership management, and organisation of elections of the Cambodian National Elections and its officials and staff at every levels by maintaining firmly independence, neutrality and transparency in conformity with the Constitution, electoral laws, order, and procedure. It has become a model of democratic elections. Thanks also go to local and competent authority and armed forces at every level, and people for paying attention to and taking parts in keeping security and public order that guaranteed safety for the elections.

CPP expresses deep thanks to foreign friends and international organisations for providing faithful assistances and supports spiritually, materially, and technically to the electoral organisations. That has contributed brilliantly to democratisation in Cambodia in the present as well as for the future. Profound thanks to tens of thousands of observers from political parties, associations/organisations, and international observers from 52 countries such as the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrat International, the International Conference of Asian Political Parties, the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, the ASEAN Inter Parliament Assembly, the European Council on Foreign Relations, among others, for following closely the elections processes, and for their objective appreciations and high evaluations that the elections were well organised, took place in peaceful and democratic way, and could be a regional model.

CPP given leadership term by the people will continue to work closely with political parties, civil society, and progressive circles in accordance with principles of democracy, rule of law and good governance, and based on spirit of faithful national reconciliation aimed at strengthening and expanding national force to build and develop the country.

The victory of CPP is indeed the victory of the whole people of Cambodia who love peace and development, and the victory of patriotic and democratic force over attempts to change Cambodia back to instability, national division, war, and destruction. Through this victory, the Cambodian people have firmer base to continue to build the country as its true master to a brilliant future. In this spirit, the CPP vehemently declares that the Royal Government of the sixth legislative term National Assembly will be formed in the near future in conformity with principles of the constitution and existing law, and with Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen as Prime Minister, and will strive to do whatever it takes to respond to the will and aspiration of voters to guarantee peace, stability, security, and sustainable development focusing its priority on reform of governance aimed at strengthening public institutions and building clean administration. If will ensure human investment, elevate social protection for everyone, create favorable conditions for business and investment, and strengthen ownership and partnership in development with concerned partners, which are necessary elements for every Cambodians to achieve improved living condition, to live in honorable harmony and dignity in the Cambodian society that respects human value, democracy, freedom, and justice.

CPP expressed regret to certain foreign circles who did not take part in the elections but held politically-motivated actions against a just democratic procedure in Cambodia, and evaluated the elections to be not free and not just since before the elections to the present. Such attitude seriously insults the will of 6,950,900 Cambodian voters, while providing no interest to development of democracy and peace in Cambodia.

CPP called on every Cambodians from different political tendencies, those who voted and those who did not, to strand together in solidarity under the Constitution and cool shade of our most revered King to continue to build and defend the country. We are Khmers and we have only one motherland. We have shared and inseparable destiny. Solidarity is the force to guarantee successes over obstacles and hardships of all sorts,” said CPP in its declaration made public following the NEC’s announcement.

The full declaration reads as follows:

By Khan Sophirom