Temporary Results of 6th National Election Released

AKP Phnom Penh, August 11, 2018 —

The National Election Committee (NEC) of Cambodia released here this morning the temporary results of the election of the 6th legislature of National Assembly held on July 29, 2018.

According to the temporary results, 6,956,900 out of 8.38 million eligible voters, or 83.02 percent, cast their ballots, of which 594,659 were invalid.

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) received the highest votes of 4,889,113, followed by the royalist FUNCINPEC Party, 374,510, and the League for Democracy Party, 309,364.

Twenty (20) political parties, including CPP, Cambodian Youth Party, Cambodian Nationality Party, Khmer National United Party, FUNCINPEC Party, Khmer United Party, Grassroots Democracy Party, New Light Party, Beehive Social Democratic Party, League for Democracy Party, Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, Dharmacracy Party, Republican Democratic Party, Our Motherland Party, Khmer Rise Party, Khmer Economic Development Party, Khmer Will Party, Khmer Republican Party, Reaksmey Khemra Party, and Cambodia Indigenous People Democracy Party, competed in the July 29 political race.

The 6th National Election was conducted under the witness of 79,612 local observers from 112 institutions and 538 international observers from 70 institutions and foreign embassies in Cambodia, up from some 40,000 and 243, respectively in the previous mandate, as well as 79,849 political agents from 14 out of 20 registered political parties.

By Khan Sophirom