Overseas Cambodian Associations Applaud Recent General Elections

AKP Phnom Penh, August 01, 2018 —

Six Cambodian associations based in Australia and New Zealand have congratulated Cambodia for the smooth and violence-free campaign and election of the sixth legislature in the country.

The overseas associations shared the appreciation in a joint press release on July 31, highlighting that the process of the July 29 parliamentary election has been considered as a role-model political race across the region.

The group based their assessment on the feedback of their deployed observers during the election wherein the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) gained about 77 percent of the popular votes casted by nearly 6,946,164 – nearly 83 percent of the total voters registered.

In the name of international observers, continued the statement, the overseas Cambodian associations see the value of Cambodian voters for the election as well as their willingness to further strengthen democracy in Cambodia.

The associations that include Khmer-Australian Association of Queensland Inc., Khmer-Australian Association of Victoria, Cambodian Sydney’s Youth Inc., Cambodian Friendship and Cultural Association of South Australia Inc., Khmer Cultural Association of Wellington Inc., and Hamilton-Phnom Penh; Khmer Association Inc. spoke highly of not only the election day, but the 21-day campaign prior to it, and the National Election Committee was acknowledged for it.

The congratulatory message was among many others from different countries and institutions that basically echoed the election evaluation by both national and international observers.

By Chea Vannak