NEC Explains High Voter Turnout Rate

AKP Phnom Penh, July 30, 2018 —

A senior official of the National Election Committee (NEC) explained here this morning about this mandate’s higher voter turnout rate than the previous mandate.

At a press conference at Cambodiana Hotel, H.E. Som Sorida, NEC Deputy Secretary General and Director of the Press Team, attributed the high turnout rate to the good election environment in Cambodia.

Most of the people went to the polls thanks to the current good security along with stable situation, he stressed.

“After casting their votes in the morning, many people went to different tourist destinations to enjoy their election holiday,” he added.

H.E. Som Sorida also mentioned about NEC’s efforts in providing clear information related to the election to all voters by creating a call centre, mobile promotion programme, and so on.

Anyway, he said, one of the main important factors is because the Cambodian people like and love democracy, that is why everybody went to the polls with a happy face.

According to the NEC’s latest press release issued this afternoon, the turnout rate of the 6th National Election is 82.89 percent or 6.94 million of the 8.38 million eligible voters, while that of the previous election was only 69.61 percent or 6.73 million out of 9.67 million eligible voters.

By Khan Sophirom