CPP Appreciates High Voter Turnout Rate

AKP Phnom Penh, July 30, 2018 —

The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has expressed its appreciation for the turnout rate for the Sunday’s 6th National Election.

“CPP is pleased to learn that a provisional announcement by the NEC (National Election Committee) of more than 82.17 percent of the registered voters has casted their ballots today to express their choice and will. The high voter turnout rate clearly illustrates the enthusiasm and political rights of the Cambodian people in strengthening a multi-party democracy,” said the ruling party in its statement released yesterday evening.

“The CPP firmly believes that multi-party democracy is the foundation of sustainable peace and development,” it underlined. “We wish to commend the National Election Committee for its services and professionalism in organising a free, fair, and transparent general election.”

CPP also congratulated all Cambodians who voted yesterday in sustaining a multi-party political system in Cambodia.

“We are grateful to the local and international election observers from NGOs, INGOs, international political organisations from 52 countries around the world, who have come here to witness a genuine democracy in Cambodia,” concluded the statement.

Cambodia organised the 6th general elections on July 29 in the 22,967 polling stations throughout the country with the participation of 20 political parties that competed for the 125 National Assembly seats.

By C. Nika