MRC: Sekong River’s Water Level Up 3 Metres

AKP Phnom Penh, July 25, 2018 —


The Mekong River Commission (MRC) is monitoring closely the situation unfolding since July 24 on the flooding in Attapeu province in southern Lao PDR due to the incident with the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Hydropower Project and the latest report said that Sekong River’s water level increased by 3 metres.


According to an MRC’s press release, the Xe-Pian river (and Xe-Namnoy river) flow into the Sekong River, a major tributary of the Mekong that is about 283 kilometres from the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy project located in Champasak province (Paksong, Pathoumphone and Champsack districts) and Attapeu province (Samakhixay and Sanamxay districts) and right below the confluence is Stung Treng province in Cambodia with Kratie provoince about 124 kilometres further down.


According to MRC monitoring station in Siempang on the Se Kong River, the observed water level recorded automatically in 15-min interval, water level increased approximately by 3 metres from 4 PM of July 23, 2018 till 2 PM today. At 4 PM on July 23, the water level at Siempang was observed at 8.40 metres and today, it was observed at 11.4 metres (at 2:30 PM). Siempang is about 187 kilmetres downstream of the dam and 96 kilometres upstream of the Se Kong – Mekong confluence. This is close to the alarm level of 11.5 metres.


“In the next few days, we expect the flood water from Se Kong together with flow from Mekong upstream will cause rising water levels further downstream including in Stung Treng and Kratie. Currently (2.30 PM today), the water levels at Stung Treng and Kratie are 9.68 metres and 19.97 metres respectively. Alarm levels are NOT expected to be reached within the next few days. The alarm levels in Stung Treng are 10.7 metres and Kratie is 22.0 metres,” said MRC.


By Khan Sophirom