NEC: Indelible Ink, Not Harmful to Health

AKP Phnom Penh, July 17, 2018 —


The National Election of Committee of Cambodia (NEC) has claimed that the indelible ink to be used during the upcoming National Election has no adverse health effects and cannot be cleaned off on the same day of election.


NEC showed the quality of indelible voters’ ink at an event held this morning at the Ministry of Interior with the participation of representatives of political parties, international community, foreign diplomatic corps, national and international NGOs and associations as well as local and foreign journalists.


NEC’s claim is in response to a recent rumour saying that voters will lose their life 24 hours after dipping their finger in the ink.


NEC has ordered 51,000 bottles of indelible ink from India with a total cost of more than US$800,000 for the July general elections. Each of the 22,967 polling stations across the country will get two bottles of indelible ink.

In total, 8,380,217 eligible voters will go to the polls on July 29, 2018 with the participation of 20 political parties, while the election campaign has already started since July 7 and will run through July 27.

By C. Nika