A Cartoon Launched to Promote Local Currency

AKP Phnom Penh, February 11, 2019 —

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) has recently launched a short cartoon to encourage people to properly keep Riel, the national currency.

Entitled “Love Riel, Preserve Riel”, this 1:50mn cartoon is aimed to call on the public to take part in preserving and valuing Riel to enhance the market share and boost fruitful economy, said the NBC.

The circulation and supply of Riel have so far remarkably increased. The supply of Riel to NBC provincial branches increased by 29.3 percent while its return rate was 20.2 percent.

Currently, there are 29 different Riel banknotes, of which two for 100,000 Riel; three for 50,000 Riel; two for 20,000 Riel; three for 10,000 Riel; three for 5,000 Riel; three for 2,000 Riel; five for 1,000 Riel; three for 500 Riel; one for 200 Riel, three for 100 Riel, and one for 50 Riel.

According to NBC, the Cambodian Riel was awarded with the Bronze Certificate of Merit from the Institute of International Monetary Studies in 2015-2016 for its quality and attractiveness.

Riel appeared in 1955, when it replaced the formerly used Indochinese piastres. During the government of Pol Pot in 1975-1979, the monetary circulation and banking system were dismissed; all that restored by 1979. 1 Riel equals 100 cents, then it has developed through different regimes.

By Khan Sophirom